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The PMP Exam Changes in 2013 - Here's What You Need to Know

The fifth edition of A Guide to the Project Management Physique of Understanding: (PMBOK Guide) was published in Neet Result 2013. It really is the most recent edition of this worldwide project management common published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The release of this new edition has consequences for anyone who's preparing for (or thinking about preparing for) the Project Management Skilled (PMP) exam.

Inside a nutshell: On July 31st 2013 the PMP Exam Result 2013 will likely be revised to become consistent with the PMBOK Guide fifth edition. Here are my recommendations for all PMP aspirants on the market: Common recommendation There is no superior time than now. If you would like to have PMP certified then get started studying right away and plan on taking your exam just before June 30th 2013. You wish to get your exam out of your way at least one particular month prior to the actual exam change, since the final 4 weeks prior to the changeover will see a "mad rush". PMP candidates all over the world are going to be scrambling to "squeeze" their exam dates into July, so seats at the testing centers might be difficult to get.

You will be taking the PMP exam before July 31st 2013 Should you be taking your PMP exam prior to the changeover, then you definitely are taking the "current" PMP Exam. This exam is determined by the PMBOK Guide fourth edition (published 2008). Minor updates have already been produced to this www.neetresult2013.co.in. You will need to make sure the following: - Study the PMBOK Guide fourth (4th) edition - Make certain that all of your study components are depending on the PMBOK Guide fourth (4th) edition - Make certain that any on the internet or in-classroom prep courses you take are depending on the PMBOK Guide fourth (4th) edition That you are taking the PMP exam on/after July 31st 2013 If you're preparing to take your PMP exam right after the changeover, then you are taking the "new" PMP Exam. This exam will likely be based on the PMBOK Guide fifth edition (published 2012). You will need to make certain the following: - Study the PMBOK Guide fifth (5th) edition - it really is already readily available in stores - Make certain that all your study supplies are based on the PMBOK Guide fifth (5th) edition - Assure that any on the web or in-classroom prep courses you take are determined by the PMBOK Guide fifth (5th) edition - Contact your instruction material provider before you obtain any materials that are not clearly marked with "Updated for PMBOK Guide fifth (5th) edition" or possibly a similar notice.

You must also prevent scheduling your exam precisely on July 31st 2013. This can be the day in the changeover and who knows what could come about. Furthermore, within the past PMI has made use of the first few weeks immediately after introducing a new exam to update its examination reporting processes. This meant that for any short period of time examination final results weren't available right away following the examination. So in essence you will not know instantly when you've got passed or not. In case you fall into this period then what you must do is smile: Yes! Smile using the knowledge that you simply are helping PMI to assess the new exam. You may have just accomplished a great service to PMI and all other PMP exam takers coming following you. Thank you.

Ask about PMP Exam Prep Solution Updates PMP exam coaching providers across the globe are at present working hard to update their merchandise. Ask your training provider by when their new components might be out there and should you get a discount as a present consumer. Keep in mind that although you could program on taking your exam ahead of the changeover there is certainly a chance that you may get delayed after which you will must take the "new" exam. So you want to be sure that you don't must pay the full price once more to purchase all of the updated material. Expect to spend some, but not full. As an example, right here is how we do it: Our firm is usually a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) and we give a suite of PMP exam preparation items. It is actually our objective to have all products updated for PMBOK Guide fifth edition and readily available for acquire by June 30th 2013. Buyers that have purchased our current education components and who ought to purchase the updated supplies for the "new" PMP Exam will be able to purchase the updated components at 1/3rd of your retail price tag. This upgrade offer is offered till October 31st 2013.

Final Recommendation My final recommendation to all PMP candidates is the fact that you'll want to strategy ahead. Check out your schedule availability for the coming months and aspect in time for individual and professional activities like vacations, trade shows, loved ones gatherings, weekend work, and so forth. If you identify that you just can commit about 1-3 hours each and every day for 10 weeks and study for your PMP exam, then go ahead and get your certification carried out now. But for those who have the slightest doubt about your schedule availability then postpone your exam until after July 31st 2013.

Cornelius Fichtner, PMP can be a noted PMP specialist. He has helped more than 20,000 students prepare for the PMP Exam with the Project Management PrepCast as well as the PMP Exam Simulator.

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