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"Spike Lee make joints. I make fat blunts" -Akeem the filmmaking Dream

CRACKMONSTERS This film is created by award winning filmmaker Akeem The Dream. It really is entitled Crack monster. It's a well created Crack-U-Mentary created with creativity and humor. Akeem has spent more than a year documenting some outrageous,funny and shocking images of particular neighborhoods in Louisiana.

Crackmonsters will be the first of it's kind, reality based film, to become produced in Louisiana about drug use. This film functions genuine,everyday, people addicted to Crack Cocaine as well as other lethal substances.

Experience the lives of these CRACK addicted persons from afar; laugh and cry with them as they tell their stories, also, have an understanding of what it feels like to like a drug greater than you like oneself.

Any time you watch CRACKMONSTERS, you'll discover Pimps, prostitutes, and some unexpected persons on CRACK. Also, It really is incredible to see how talented some of these CRACKMONSTERS are from singing, dancing, rapping, stripping, boogering to telling a number of the craziest and bizarre stories ever to become documented.

You will not simply Crack Up laughing watching Crackmonsters, but you could possibly learn a point or two in the course of action. Listen to particular guest Jabari Tehuti and some esteemed Counselors as they discover the causes and effects of the CRACK epidemic along with the finest ways to obtain off of Crack Cocaine.

100% actual. Put this DVD in you player or get the quick digital download currently. Assured to create you laugh. Go to the Crackmonsters home at www.WELOVECRACK.com and encounter it for yourself.

Warning this DVD may perhaps include robust language at occasions,drug use at times and some mild nudity at other occasions, but not more than what's contained in your favourite action film of nowadays.

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